"As someone who competed against and judged U-Iowa before joining the coaching staff, I'm so excited by seeing the program's continued growth. Our students make this such a rewarding experience because I get to learn new things so often."

-Tyler Snelling


"Iowa Debate is a tremendously welcoming and supportive space. The environment created by Iowa Debate fosters detailed research, strategic thinking, productive risks, and an appreciation for a multitude of perspectives. It has been a joy to participate in Iowa Debate, and the lessons that I have learned here extend far beyond policy issues."

-Ellis Chen


"The university of Iowa debate has been like a second family, I always felt appreciated and uplifted as a Black woman. The support given to me by the team and the coaches has really helped me build my confidence as a debater, and most importantly as a student."

-Subbi Namakula


"Iowa debate gives me the opportunity to think critically about many contemporary issues in a fun and competative environment. Not only is it a personally enriching program, but also is exceedingly helpful in my educational pursuits."

-Ryan Cavanaugh


"Iowa Debate has been one of the most helpful tools I've had since being on campus. Not only are coaches always super attentive and on point when it comes to actually competing, but they also take an active care in your studies which makes it a lot easier to balance school and debate. Very thankful for all Iowa Debate has done for me!"

-Maeve Sanders


"I am thankful for Iowa Debate for giving me an opportunity to continue participating in activity that I've loved since high school. I would also like to thank Paul Bellus, Brian Rubaie, and the rest of the coaching staff for fostering a nurturing environment and connecting me with a wonderful group of friends."

-Robbie Putney